Skyscraping Melodic Psychedelic Pop
From The Mull Of Kintyre


 A vastly experienced live act with over 500 shows under their belts, The Twisted Melons are one of the west of Scotland's best kept secrets, playing live relentlessly in small venues throughout the country while regularly producing and releasing their music 100% independently.

Comprised of the three Johnson brothers, the band have an uncanny sibling musical telepathy that makes every show a one-off. Moving effortlessly between psychedelia, hard rock, pop, funk, fusion and electronica, the band recall the great bands of the past while moving towards the future along their own path.

Their diverse sound has seen them supporting a wide range of acts including Otherkin, Blaenavon, Fufanu, The Vryll Society, Here We Go Magic, Pete MacLeod, Focus and Deacon Blue.

The Twisted Melons 4th album "West Of The Rock" was released on 1st April 2016.
New video "Love Is A Drug" is out now.

West of the Rock is a stunning listen from beginning to end. There’s shoe-gaze pop with some songs sounding like they could make the top ten in 1965. Then, as the record soldiers on, the spaced-out bookend is mesmeric.
Imagine the Manic Street Preachers covering the Pixies, and you’re close
— Eddy Temple-Morris, XFM
3.3 veers somewhere between the frenetic pace and monster riffage of Biffy Clyro and the kind of stadium rock choruses the Foo Fighters have been knocking out for the past decade, creating a sound that is remarkably spacious and frankly, huge
— The List
The combination of intellectual rock, hard-core riffs and brilliant musicianship gives The Twisted Melons a style which is simultaneously nostalgic and unique, as well being as highly pleasing to the ear.
— The Perthshire Advertiser
As eclectic as a fruit salad, with their sound encompassing everything from Jane’s Addiction to Bowie via early Iron Maiden and 1980s pop.”
— The Scotsman